Roller Shades

Roller Shade is a modern styles of window coverings. It is a simple but reliable. It could be applied in a wide range, likes Office, and Hotels. Roller shades system are composed by the operation system and the fabric material. Roller blinds could be operated by ball-chain, spring mechanism, or electrical motors. The fabric for roller shades are classified in 3 types, Sunscreen, Translucent, and Blackout.

Operation System

Each operation system have their limitation of sizes, weight and the own benefits. Also , they have different composition and construction:

  1. Manual roller blind is operated by ball-chain either left or right side. Its clutch mechanism help rolling smoothly.
  2. Spring roller blind has a rope in the middle of the bottom of the shade. A loaded-spring inserted into the tube at the top.
  3. Electrical roller blind is motorized system, by wall-panel, remote emitters, timing, and/or the weather.

Models for Selection

Manual Roller Blinds

  • Control up and down with either metal / PVC ball chain on the side, quiet operation and durable usage
  • Simple, natural and beautiful.

Spring Roller Shades

  • Control up and down with spring system inside roller tube,  convenient and easy to use
  • Simple, natural and beautiful.

Motorized Roller Shades

  • Electrical control may be in groups, zone or individually
  • Roller Shades available in different ?sunscreen?fabric with various openness factor in order to control the incoming natural light and offer you the best visibility in different direction; a higher openness factor “sunscreen?fabric creates a more friendly atmosphere while the lower openness factor “sunscreen” fabric provides a higher block out effect
  • To block out ultraviolet rays from sunlight and heat protection in order to protect your furniture and household effectively
  • Help to save up air-conditioning charge up to 20% – 30% over the year-round
  • To maintain an excellent room comfort in all seasons

Fabric Material

There are typically 3 type of fabric in our category, sunscreen, transparent, and blackout. We have wide collection for fabric material of roller blinds. We keep over 40 colors in stock and stored in Hong Kong. Beside the collection in stock, we also have many selections and some special material from all over the world. Please kindly contact us with your requirement for FREE!


Simulation of Sunscreen, Translucent, and Blackout


Sunscreen material is like a spinning fabric with space openness. The fabric is usually with 1%, 3%, 5%, and 10% openness. The best seller of these fabric is our 5% openness collection, which could blocks over 90% UV and sun light but keeping 90% of your view.(*subject to the fabric color and collection)


Transparent fabric is a piece of fabric with treatment on. It is always with no space openness, but light transmission only. It protects your privacy and keeping you a freedom area. This is the best choice for people who doesn’t need to sleep in the black room, instead of dual shades.


Blackout fabric does block all the light out of the room you need. There is not even 0.1% light goes thought the material. We may not keep a wide rang of collection, but those are the best performance to make a dark room.

Product Details

Manual Roller Shades

Manual Roller Shades

Ball-chain roller shades are a simple system...

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