Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb shades don’t just give your house and workplace a look of grandeur but allows the appropriate amount of light and privacy. Our scientifically designed Vertical Cellular Shades with a modish look are available in various sizes and colors suiting the interiors of your home perfectly. The supreme functionality of our shades has carved a niche in the market. Give your home a break from your traditional and boring curtains with our modern motorized cellular shades.

Honeycomb window shades are widely popular window shades which are not just a traditional curtain but decorative cover to your windows as well. Its design is highly energy efficient as it allows just the right amount of sunlight to enter into the room thereby putting electrical lights on the back burner. We stock a broad ranging variety of multi colored shades which are made of fine materials. The excellent quality of fabric adds to the grandeur it reflects. These are also available in varied sizes. You needn’t worry of manual adjustments you will be need to make, as these come with an electric operator. Such motorized Honeycomb shades have become the new black which won’t go out of style any sooner.

Honeycomb Shades are the ideal shades that every home deserves. Apart from providing the best possible coverage to any window, even at the edges and gaps, these shades also help to regulate the temperature of the room due to their insulating air pockets. Hence, it’s not just your home that should be adorned with our elegant and effortlessly stylish shades; we strive to give your workplace a classy and professional look as well.

Product features

  • Battery Operated Shades: Our shades have inbuilt durable batteries which will save you frequent visits to your electrician. You can operate them easily just by the click of a button.
  • High Quality Fabric: The fabric is not just elegant but is adequately translucent in order to allow the sunlight to permeate through the material.
  • Availability in Various Sizes: Since your windows are of different sizes, we sell those shades which perfectly cover your windows.
  • Availability in eclectic colors: Our variety of different colors will not only match with the interiors but will give a classy look as well.
  • Large Windows and Sliding Doors: If you have large windows and sliding doors, our wide range of suitable shades won’t fail to amaze you.
  • Ease in Cleaning: You can easily clean them with the help of a dusting cloth and vacuum cleaning device.

Product Types

Standard Style:

  • Single Cell Honeycomb Shades: It is a favorable option in such climatic
    conditions or regions where energy efficiency may be a prime concern, but it need not be a major problem.
  • Double Cell Honeycomb Shades: It is best to keep your home insulated since the double cell structure efficiently traps the air inside them making them effective barrier against dissipating heat.

Bottom-Up Style: These honeycomb shades are ideal to safeguard your privacy while at the same time providing you the ease of controlling its aperture to savor the natural light.

Day & Night Style: These are an amazing creation which can filter natural
light through them or can create an effect of total blackout at your will.

Pleated Style: Apt to give your home a magnificent textured look, pleated honeycomb shades come with a variety of patterns, colors and fabric that look extremely stylish as well.


Such energy efficient Honeycomb shades keep the interiors of your home cool in summers and warm in the winters. You might not be aware of the fact that 50 percent of a room’s cooling and heating energy is lost due to windows. We understand this important aspect and thus, implement this energy efficient technique in manufacturing our shades. Their honeycomb shaped distinct packets can trap the hot and cold air and effectively control the room temperature.

Another important benefit is that such shades act as a barrier from outside noises keeping the interiors quiet. The blinds are made of such fabric which can absorb outside noise effectively.

The top down and bottom up feature enables maintaining the right amount of privacy and light with our distinct and cutting edge designs of Vertical Honeycomb Shades. Since such blinds act as barriers from sunlight, your furniture and artworks are well protected from any harmful UV radiations.

Our products come with advantageous manufacturing warranty and excellent after sales service facility. We are happy to help if you face any problem with our Honeycomb shades.