Vertical Blinds

  • Ideal solution for inaccessible locations, as well as in prestige environments, such as boardrooms, conference facilities, luxury homes…
  • Easily rotate to your desire angle and obtain different level of light entry

Curved System

  • Special tailored made to your desired curve
  • Lateral movement and rotation of louvers from 0 degrees to 180 degrees
  • Minimum curve radius approx. 750mm for standard system
  • Movement is effected by a side mounted crank mechanism with folding crank handle
  • Bending using model template
  • Freely hanging louvers may remove easily for cleaning or replacement

Electrical Vertical Blinds System

  • Louvers can be rotated or traversed only with a fingertip!
  • Reliable and precise
  • Quiet and easy operation
  • Motors are UL recognized, singlephase electric motor VDE/GS approved, synchronous 230V, 30W
  • With internal limit switch and thermal overload protectors
  • Perfect for all kinds of designs, especially inaccessible windows
  • Control either individually or in groups
  • Available in momentary switch control and infrared remote control
  • Electrical Vertical Blinds System available for Corved Vertical Blinds System and Straight Vertical Blinds System

Vertical Skylight System

  • Light entry easily control by rotating and traverse the louvres
  • Louvres are tightly stretched between two headrails by spring-loaded stainless steel carriers mounted inside in order to prevent flexing or sagging